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A Leading Point-of-Sale (POS) Design House Create Value, Share Achievements
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Shenzhen ViewAt Technology Co.,ltd is a global leading financial POS terminal design house and manufacturer, found on 2006 and located in High-tech park in Nanshan district of Shenzhen city, factory located in Shantou City; We focus on POS ODM/OEM development, EMV/PBOC/PCI/CUP network access technical support, and to provide our customers with high efficiency and competitive technical services.

ViewAt is backed up with professional, high creativity and morality teams, 80% of them are young and the most professional technical engineers. Our core technology team has more than 10 years of in-depth POS development experience, enjoys a high lofty status in financial POS terminal, PINPAD and payment industry.

ViewAt has already been granted title of High-tech enterprise by State & Shenzhen city, a member of Shenzhen Software Association, designated producer of State Commercial Password products, member of Shenzhen Commercial Password Industry Association, ISO9001-2008 certification enterprise etc. We provide the most security, productive and competitive products for our customers by our new utility patents and novelty inventions.

We’ve already offered our services for more than 600 clients around the world by technology consultancy, financial products certification pro-test services, productization and manufacture, which mostly are traditional /handheld POS, Smart POS, and financial peripheral and other novelty products.

With our years of accumulation and innovation, we’ are honored to bring value-add services for our customers and to “Create Value, Share Achievements “!



1、 Synchronized international standards :
Firstly times at passing the newest international norm and standard requirements at first times.

2、 Complete financial payment industry international & national standards:

Accounts one-third of world certification on EMV/PBOC L1,L2
Unionpay MSR networking terminal (direct),QPBOC, contactless payment terminal
Unionpay PBOC debits terminal networking certification (PBOC, electronics cash, micropayments, Master, VISA, JCB etc), security evaluation on individuals payment, security evaluation on Unionpay Point-of-sales PCI4.0 PCI-DSS
Contactless EMV 2.0 MasterCard PayPass VISA PayWave Unionpay PIN input devices certification,China Unionpay telephone payment II type certification


Solutions and products are widely on market

1、MIS-POS already on market sales
2、PDA financial modules: already passed PCI certification, PIN input devices certification, are all on sales
3、Individual payment terminals, cell phone payment modules, mobile payment, cell phone RF-SIM payment are all on market at Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Beijing,Shanxi,Fujian etc
4、VIP member-ship pre-paid card system: Shandong, Shenzhen, Beijing
5、PDA-POS : Police services, already passed Unionpay certification, won the tender and on batch production
6、Tablet POS, PAD POS
7、QR code POS: Beijing, Shanghai,Shenzhen,Chengdu


Complete products range

1、 Financial payment terminal products
Mobile payment: mobilize payment modules, individual payment modules, cell phone POS; Financial POS: (EMV/PBOC, direct networking Unionpay, Unionpay network access) PINPAD, EMV PINPAD, ATM encrypted metal PINPAD, PCI modules, contactless payment terminals, ATM EMV kernel; High-end POS: Smart PDA-POS, Tablet PC POS, QR code POS, tax-controlled
2、Multiple configuration & modules
Modem, GPRS, CDMA, TCP/IP,WIFI, contactless, secure IC card reader, encrypted MSR reader, QR code modules; PDA modules: secure MSR modules, secure IC card modules, PINPAD modules

ViewAt’s factory in Shantou City


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